This year’s ACM sanctioned Greater NY Regional High School Programming Competition will be held on Monday, May 20th, on our Patchogue Long Island campus in the Business and Technology Building. If you would like to enter a team (or multiple teams) composed of three students into the competition, please e-mail William McAllister  (wmcallister@sjny.edusome time after 8:00am on April 8th  and before 12:00pm on April 15th Include in your email:  

  • your name,
  • phone number,
  • e-mail address,
  • the name of your high school, and
  • the number of teams you would like to enter into the competition.

Teams will be accepted into the competition in the order in which he receives the responses. If the total number of teams entered does not exceed the maximum number they can accommodate, all the teams entered will be accepted into the competition. Otherwise a team will be eliminated from the school, or schools, with the highest number of entered teams on a last-received-first-out basis until the total number of teams accepted into the competition is the number of teams that can be accommodated. 

Team check-in will begin at 10:45am on the morning of the competition in our Business and Technology Building, and end at 11:30am. The full competition day schedule is available on the competition’s webpage, as are other materials that you may find useful as you prepare for the competition. The programming language used during the competition will be Java.

Food will be available from 10:45am to 3:30pm in the competition briefing room located in O’Connor Hall. Teams will be directed to that location after they check-in at the registration table.