The Colorado School of Mines hosts a yearly high school programming competition. This year, the competition will be April 29th, 2023 and you are invited to bring your HS students to participate!The event will be held in-person on the Mines campus, but teams can also participate remotely via Zoom. Last year we hosted several teams from other states, and even one international team. Team size is limited to 2-4 students, but any number of teams can join.There are also two team tracks: beginner and advanced. The beginner track is designed to be appropriate for teams that are new to programming and have not participated in a programming competition before. The advanced track is intended for teams with more significant experience and a passion for hard puzzles.Registration and attendance are both free, and there are modest prizes for the top teams in each track.More information can be found at our website, including an interest form where you can ask questions and be contacted when full registration goes live in early March. I hope to see you in April!------------------------------Rob Thompson, Assistant Teaching ProfessorColorado School of Mines